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The Flying Scotsman

Here are two links for The Flying Scotsman:- 

Flying Scotsman short course :-  URL 

Flying Scotsman Long Course :- URL

Here is a large PDF format map:- the_flying_scotsman_map

There are three ways to do the Scotsman and the debate will carry on for ever. Are you CycloCross, Downhill or CrossCountry? What ever you are The Flying Scotsman has something for you.

I love the cyclocross way so I ride the long course, that killer pull up the hill on the tarmac to the Gotse Delchev hut really stretches the legs and the lungs. Pace yourself as the track from Getse Delchev keeps climbing up and up. There is a great wriggly bit of porterage down through the woods onto the logging trail after the Mucharata hut. Then the climb carries on. Once you get to the top after some spectacular views it is all about the downhill.

Downhilling The Scotsman. Most proper downhill/full suspension and XC riders and will drive to the chair lift and start riding from the top of the chair above the Gotse Delchev hut. The start point is on the ski piste next to the Bez Bog hut. there is some fast and technical downhill sections to the mid station of the lift and then off into the woods along the logging trail.

For the intermediates I suggest they start from the mid station of the lift and stick to the logging trail all the way down to the main track. For the more advanced riders that have started from the very top there are some fantastic cut through single track sections. Keep your eyes peeled they are not always easy to see but link most of the “S” bends.