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The Road to Nowhere trail

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Here is a large PDF format map:- road_to_nowere_map

The Road to Nowhere will be the last trail to be marked and was the last trail to be found. The reason for this is that it is a pain in the bum! As the map above shows it is all pretty simple. You turn off the main road just before the Dobrinishtay ski area at the well sign posted junction to Breznitsa. Follow the dirt road in the direction of Obidim (again good sign posts) then hang a left and you are off. THERE ARE A MILLION FALSE LEFT TURNS! THERE ARE A MILLION FALSE RIGHT TURNS.  THERE ARE A MILLION FALSE TURNS FULL STOP!

The area between Dobrinishtay, Obidim and the Gotse Delchev hut is the Bermuda triangle of Bulgaria, a huge labyrinth of forrest tracks, logging trails  and dead ends. there are maybe only three routes that go all the way through this ridge line two of them I have GPS’ed and are on here the third I have deleted after some scary moments in the Lada last week (September 2014)

The Road to Nowhere, two basic options. Lift up or ride up? I ride as the tarmac road is no real effort just long and slow 15km and 400m of climb. Once you are on the trail proper it is rough semi made rocky road with some fast smooth edges. For the first few km it is rolling up and down and no effort to cruise at 15 or 20 km/h. For the rest is is mostly down with the odd short climb.

You turn left to Obidim at the signposted junction after about 4 km of riding on the dirt track. You have been following the red and white Mud Bath trail markers at this point and continue to do so. The road descends and if fast and fun lots of fast steps down followed by long flatish wriggly runs to the next step down. All very easy and fast.

You turn left at the rising triangular junction and continue on down the hill following the green trail markers. These will split at one point with green trail markers going both left and right. The left is in fact straight on and the right a hard 90 degree junction this is at 26km from Bansko or 11km from the end of the tarmac. There is litle difference between the two options. The left is a little shorter but  fun with lots of rolling terrain and banked corners. The right is longer but less fun more of a meander.

The Road to Nowhere explores some fantastic wild country little visited due to the labyrinth