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Foxy Lady

Here is a link for Foxy Lady:-  URL 

Here is a large PDF format map :- foxy_lady_map

Foxy Lady looks like a pretty easy run with a only 23km of gently undulating trail, a long swooping down hill to the village of Banya followed by a flat riverside wander back to Bansko. There are a few stings that The Lady conceals in her curvaceous form so watch out!

The climb up to the top of the Dubovets hill has a couple of steep steps but nothing to write home about the main problem with the climb is the sandy path. The surface of the path looks the same all the way up the hill but here and there you will find sand traps that just grap your wheels and pull. These strength sapping little Ba****ds take their toll!

The Downhill section is fast fast fast! keep your eyes open as there is a sharp right turn a couple of clicks down from the top. There are also some rutted muddy corners just where you don’t want them. Low hanging branches add some excitement to the high speed descent so don’t let your guard down. Be warned The Lady is dangerous!

The Return, is beautiful. All of Pirin before you framed in blue sky and green fields. Most of it is pretty flat so you can crank up a fair bit of momentum, the last section up to Bansko is a couple of clicks of gentle climb which can be a little wearing but it is shady smooth so no biggy.